Human Resources - Is responsible for administration of the Human Resources administrative functions, including but not limited to the following: Recruitment, EEO, safety, worker's compensation, payroll and benefits. Ensures that appropriate documentation regarding the employee's right to work is verified in accordance with current laws, regulations, and guidelines. Records appropriate documentation of such review is filed into the employees' personnel record within the specific time frame.

Business Office Manager - The Business Office Manager assist with implementing the day-to-day functions of the facility in accordance with current acceptable accounting and reimbursement principles relating to nursing facility operations, and as may be directed by the administrator, and Administrator in training.

Director of Nursing - The primary purpose of the DON is to plan, develop, and direct the overall operation of the LRC Nursing Service Department, in accordance with the federal, state, and local standards, guidelines and regulations governing Laguna Rainbow Nursing Facility. the administrator and Administrator in Training will ensure that the highest level of quality of care is always maintained.

Medical Records - is responsible for clerical support in an efficient manner in accordance with established LRC procedures. Responsibilities include perform route audit of charts, report discrepancies, file all patient data in timely manner. Receive and release confidential information in accordance with establish policies and procedures.

Dietary Manager - Organizes, develops, and directs the overall operation of Dietary Service Department in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards, guidelines and regulations governing Laguna Rainbow Corporation, and maybe directed by the administrator of Administrator Training, to make certain that quality nutritional services are provided on a-daily-basis and that the Food Service Department is maintained in a clean, safe, and sanitary manner.

Maintenance Manager - Is responsible for the overall day-to-day operations of the Maintenance Department in accordance with current with current federal, state, and local standards, guidelines, and regulations governing Laguna Rainbow Corporation, and as may be directed by the administrator to assure the facility is maintained in a safe and comfortable manner.

Minimum Data Set Coordinator - The minimum Data Set (MDS) coordinator monitors, evaluates, and manages the care plans for the residents at LRC. Develops care plans and update assessment. MDS coordinator also provided educational leadership and Certified Medication Aides (CMA) alog with assisting the CMA's with educational resources, problem resolutions, and health management in order to maintain safe work environment.

Social Service Director - The Purpose of Social Services is to organize develop, and direct the overall operational our facility's Social service Program in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards. Guidelines, regulations, established policies and procedures may be directed by the administrator, pr Administrator in Training, to assure that the medically related emotional and social needs of the resident are met and maintained on an individual basis.

Housekeeping - Monitor and confirm that the facility is maintained in a clean safe manner for resident comfort and convenience by assuring that all necessary equipment and supplies are maintained and operable to perform necessary duties and services. Responsible for utilizing proper cleaning chemicals to maintain safe and clean environment for both residents and staff.

Transportation - Responsible for implementing and documentation of comprehensive preventative maintenance transportation program. Coordinate transportation services and activities with other related department. Established inventory of all major equipment.

Staffing/Central Supply - The purpose of the staffing coordinator is to ensure adequate and appropriate staffing of the facility nursing department meet the needs of the residents based on budget, census, and as may be directed by the facility Administrator or Administrator Training. Ensure all purchased orders are properly prepared, signed and submitted as required in procurement policies and procedures.

Admissions/Marketing - The admissions Director is responsible for obtaining required information and admit potential residents in an efficient manner, in accordance with established polices and procedures. The purpose of Marketing Director is to develop, coordinate, direct, and administer Laguna rainbow Corporation's marketing program and services.

Activities Director - Plan, develop, organized, implement, evaluate, and direct the activity programs of the Laguna Rainbow Corporation. Ensure that an on-going program of activities is designed to meet, in accordance with the comprehensive assessment, the interest and physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being of each resident.



Making A Difference

Laguna Rainbow Corporation is in the business of changing and shaping lives. The work we do at our Nonprofit Organization is aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving some of our society’s biggest challenges. We make sure our partners are empowered by creating opportunities for individuals and communities.



24-Hour Skilled Care Nursing


Monday through Friday Culturally-Responsive Elder Focused Meals, Nutrition, Health, Wellness, and Social Activities


Rainbow Resident Council, Laguna Elder Association, and Senior Olympics Membership


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